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Why I chose to study at a Junior College!

Folkestone Junior College is the new alternative approach to learning for 14-16 year olds, focusing on the enterprise and creative industries.

We know that deciding what's next for your child's learning can be a big decision, even more so in these uncertain times. So we've spoken to two of this year's Broadstairs Junior College students and their parents to find out just what made them choose the Junior College provision and their experiences of it.


First-year Junior College Student, Andriani says, 'I'm really enjoying studying on the hair and beauty pathway. Being at the Junior College has helped me manage my emotions better and I feel like I get support from my teachers.'

Andriani's father goes onto say, 'We chose the Junior College because Andriani needed a place where she felt safe after having problems at her previous school. Since joining the Junior College, Andriani has grown in confidence and her ability to communicate has improved. She has always had good people skills and her time at college has brought this out in her. The emotional support has been excellent and the staff are really nice and very honest with me, which is really important as a parent. I would absolutely recommend the Junior College to other parents.'



In his second year at Junior College student, Henry Uden said, 'Studying at the Junior College has been a really positive experience. I’ve made some really good friends including people older than myself and it is a much more mature environment. My teachers are brilliant and we actually have fun while learning from them.'

Henry's mum, Natalie, reiterated by saying, 'Henry started off at grammar school and has always been a high achiever academically. When we heard about the Junior College and the pathway options we thought it would be ideal for Henry. It is a much smaller provision but it offers a safe yet mature learning environment and Henry has always been happier in the company of older people. The Junior College staff are fantastic and have really taken the time to get to know Henry. They have a much more personal approach than at school and I feel that they appreciate Henry and celebrate his unique qualities. I have seen Henry thrive since he has joined; he continues to do amazingly well in his qualification and maths and English, but he has also made so many like-minded friends across the college and is becoming more and more sociable.'


Folkestone Junior College offers a new alternative provision for 14-16-year olds, with a curriculum that brings together the expertise and excellence from our Creative area, and the innovation and ambition from the Enterprise area, to provide a highly engaging curriculum for students with a passion to kick start their career opportunities early.

Applications are open now, please contact to request an application or for any queries.