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Top Reasons to Come to Folkestone

There are lots of reasons why you should consider studying in Folkestone! There are plenty of fun things to do and new places to go and explore.


Folkestone is situated right on the coast of Kent, giving you incredible views of the beach. On a clear day, you can even see across the sea to France!

There’s plenty of stalls to grab an ice cream if you are feeling hot, and plenty of places to explore, especially down by the Harbour.

Even if it's not a particularly nice day (which is very true in the UK most days!) there are a lot of interesting sites to see.



Creative Quarter

One of the most bright and colourful areas of Folkestone is the Creative Quarter. Many of our Art & Design, Photography and Filmmaking students get involved with their projects and display their work. Our students have even been involved with the Triennial!

You can see the work of local artists on display in their shops or discover exciting exhibits of artwork.



Kingsnorth Gardens

On the very doorstep of the college are the beautiful Kingsnorth Gardens. These are just perfect for relaxing, enjoying stunning views, while soaking up the sunshine.

Our Construction students are involved with the upkeep and maintenance of the gardens through Social Action during Community Week, and you can see some of the work they’ve carried out while visiting the gardens.



Food Scene

Are you a foodie? Then Folkestone has an amazing food scene to get your tastebuds tingling!

You could start at our onsite Anne's Restaurant, and then make your way down the high street, where there are plenty of independent cafes, through to the Creative Quarter, and along the Harbour Arm, for you to try something new.

Who knows – you might even discover a new favourite!



Shopping Centre

Do you love shopping? Folkestone has a wide range of shops to explore. There’s familiar high street brands where students can use their Student ID or their NUS Card to get a cheeky discount, or there’s indie shops which can offer you something a bit different.

Head into Bouverie Place or along the high street to explore!




Leas Cliff Hall

Would you like to see a show? The Leas Cliff Hall is just down the road from the college, and there are a number of performances running regularly, from pantomimes, to concerts, stand-up comedy, and more.

Did you know? The Leas Cliff Hall was opened in 1927, making it nearly 100 years old!



Do you think studying in Folkestone could be for you? Explore our Pathways to discover your next steps.