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A Practical Lesson with Early Years

Our Early Years students take part in fun, practical lessons to learn the essential skills of caring for babies and young children.

Changing a nappy

Learners are able to practise changing nappies, safely and gently. They also learn how to sing nursery rhymes to reassure upset babies and help them feel clean and cosy again.



Bathing a baby

Our learners also learn how to set up a safe bath for a baby, by checking the temperature, how to keep the baby upright and supported, and comfortable while being bathed.


Making a bottle of formula

Learners mix up the correct amount of powder and water to make a bottle of milk for a baby. They learn how to correctly sterilise equipment to ensure that milk is clean and healthy to drink!



Learning these vital skills will enable our learners to safely care for babies and young children when they go on to work within the industry.


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