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Folkestone College students from the Edge participate in the Triennial

After being delayed from last year, the Folkestone 2020 Triennial has kicked off. It will run from the 22nd July to 2nd November 2021, leaving plenty of time to visit and admire the creations.

For those of you might not be aware, the Triennial was initially started by the charity Creative Folkestone in 2008, and is a city-wide exhibition of art and creative works. To date, there have been five Triennials, each one of them with a different theme and different installations.

The intention of the Triennials is to help rejuvenate the town through art, and stimulate the local economy.

For the 2020 Triennial, the theme is The Plot, inviting visitors to consider urban myths, their relation to reality, and consequently the gap between the story and real life. It uses three historic Folkestone narratives, such as St Eanswythe’s watercourse, physician William Harvey’s discovery of the circulation of blood, and Folkestone’s ‘Milky Way,’ which is the informal name for Foord Road South, as during the industrial period, coal and chalk would be hauled up and down the road, making it look like the Milky Way.

Across the town, various exhibitions have gone on display from both renown and up-and-coming artists. Residents and visitors to the town are encouraged to explore and interact with the installations. Right next door to Folkestone College, located in Kingsnorth Gardens, are some fascinating sculptures including Richard Deacon’s Benchmark 1-5, and Mariko Hori’s Mellowing the Corners.

Our very own students from the Edge have also been able to participate in the Triennial with some of their creations. The Edge is our department for Business, Art & Design, Computing, and Multimedia. As part of developing students’ portfolios and experience, they regularly participate in local projects, such as being featured in the Glitch exhibition.

Earlier this year, inspired by the upcoming Triennial and working with both Creative Folkestone and Pioneering Places, our Business & Enterprise students created mind maps of what possible ways they could revive the site of the former gasworks, with many cool and creative ideas such as a cat café!

Most recently, our Art & Design students have also been involved with the Triennial.

Located at the gasworks, as part of Plot C, the Milky Way, they have had a shipping container which they have decorated and filled with creative works to form part of the exhibition. The purpose was to make the site of the former gasworks look more visible to the community and remind people of the potential of the space.



The students worked on these projects during the previous year at college, carefully sculpting, painting, sewing, and much more. The works have been on display over the summer for visitors to enjoy, and are still available to visit in the new autumn term.



Since the installation, the students have received positive feedback on their work from local journalists, and images of their work have been shared on social media.



We are very proud and lucky to have such incredibly talented students who are inspired to get involved with local events, and to have their work displayed alongside known artists.

If you want to check out the students’ work in person, and find out more of what it’s about, then head down the gasworks today! You won’t be disappointed.