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Five Fab Sport Careers you could do!

At Folkestone College, we have both Level 2 and 3 Sports courses available. You might be wondering what you could do with a sports qualification, so we put together a list of five fab sporty careers that your qualification could help you to achieve!


  1. Sports Coach

The most popular choice from our current students! If you are a Sport Coach, then you’ll help people taking part in sports games such as rugby, football, tennis, and more, to not only improve their performance and their teamwork, but most importantly, have fun! This could be at a professional level or even just in a local club. The team could be of all ages, from little ones to adults.

Either way, if you’re supportive and want to encourage others, this could be the job for you.

  1. Personal Trainer

Similar to a Sports Coach in that you’ll be inspiring people, as a Personal Trainer, you’ll be helping people improve their personal fitness. This could be helping someone tone up, increase their muscle mass, lose weight, while making sure they are doing this healthily and safely. There are lots of reasons why someone might want to train to improve their personal fitness, they could be a professional sports player needing to keep in shape, or simply someone who wants to improve their health.

Some examples of how you could be helping them, include meal planning and personalised exercise regimes, which you might also join in with for support.

  1. Physiotherapist

A Physiotherapist works with patients using physical methods who may have suffered an injury or who are being affected by an ongoing health condition. This could be teaching them exercises that they can do in their own time to rebuild their strength, massaging the affected area to regain sensation, and manipulating the body to stretch out the muscles. For example, if a patient has had a stroke, you could be the person who helps them regain their mobility. Most people will, at some point in their life, need help from a Physiotherapist.

If you do decide to pursue a career as a Physiotherapist, it will require a university degree, however our Level 3 Sport course will enable you to progress onto this.

There are lots of jobs within the NHS for trained physiotherapists, and so job security is very high in this career.

  1. Leisure Centre Manager

If you’re a Leisure Centre Manager, you’ll get to combine your interest in sport with business! Most leisure centres will include swimming pools, gyms, saunas, and much more. There could also be a café, and rooms and facilities for clubs and meetings to take place in. As the Manager, you will get to choose which activities take place and when, which facilities to invest in, to make sure the centre runs profitably.

You’ll also get to interact with lots of different people, as you will also be managing a team of people who all help to keep the centre running. If you are a social butterfly, this could be the job for you.

  1. PE Teacher

If you love kids and want to inspire their interest in sports, then being a PE teacher is the way to go! You will work with students of all ages and abilities, demonstrating that everyone can get involved with sport, no matter what their skill level is. You could also have the opportunity to coordinate trips to sports clubs, run matches with other schools, and manage sports day.

Teaching is another job which you'll need a degree for, and usually offers a high level of job security.


These are just some of the jobs you could do with a qualification in sport, there are of course many, many more! We would advise you research thoroughly and get work experience and try a little bit of everything if you can.


Ready to find out more? Visit our sport pathway and find the right course for you.