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The difference between college and Sixth Form!

"What's the difference between college and sixth form?" is one of the most frequently asked questions we get! So we thought we’d put together a handy guide that lays it out side-by-side so you can decide which next step is right for you.

Focus on a subject you love!

At college, you will study one subject to gain a qualification, whereas in a Sixth Form, you will study at least three subjects. Students at college enjoy being able to focus on an area that particularly interests them. Here at Folkestone College you can focus on anything from Business to Sport, or try out a T Level!

Be treated like an adult!

At school, your teachers are either Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, but here at college, you can call your tutors by their first name. Everyone is equal at college, and you are more responsible for your own learning. Depending on which subject you study, you may still be expected to wear a uniform, or PPE, such as Catering where you will wear a chef’s uniform! This is to prepare you to work in the industry.

Work placements!

At college, we encourage and support our students to find work placements so that they are as prepared as possible for the real world once they have their qualification. Work experience is built into the curriculum, based with real, local employers. Each department area has a specially designated Industry Liaison Officer who supports students to find a placement suitable for their skillset. This helps students get hands-on experience and some students are even offered full-time work after they have got their qualification!


Students Union!

We have a Students Union which represents our students. As a student at Folkestone College, you are automatically a member. Students can elect a president and councillors who meet regularly to discuss issues that affect them. The Students Union also arranges trips and visits to lots of different places. As a student, you are also able to get a Totum card which gives you discounts in lots of different restaurants and shops.


Campus environment!

College is based on a campus, which has several different buildings with different facilities. There will be your area of study, but you are welcome to visit places such as the Open Learning Space where you can study with your peers, rent a laptop, or relax. We also have the Refectory where you can grab a snack and have lunch. There's an onsite Beauty and Hair Salon where these students carry out treatments on other students and members of the public. Some of our students have said that college campus feels like a ‘mini-uni!’

Whether you decide to study with us or stay at a Sixth Form, make sure to find out as much information as you can, and choose whichever option feels right for you.

To find out more and get a feel for the college atmosphere, why not book onto one of our Open Days?