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Day in the life of a Business Student!

Find out more about the day in the life of a Business student at Folkestone College!

7am: That alarm comes around too quickly, but I get up anyway as I know that people are relying on me today.  I’m presenting my work on a project we are leading for an exhibition by the Level 3 Art and Design students, and I’m feeling pretty nervous!   

8.30am: I head to the refectory for my regular croissant and coffee.  Our business group usually meet up before class in the morning, and Emma comes along too to hold our morning meeting.  It’s nice to chat about the coming day over a coffee and my mum said that they do that in her office too.   

9am: We head into the classroom to start the morning session.   In class I use the Microsoft Project software, to show the class how I have added in the details to the next planning stage of the event.  I really enjoy using the class iPads and touch screen laptops.  I drew a digital logo last week for the pop-up shop, and whilst I don’t think mine will win the class competition we had, I was quite pleased with the results!  

10.15am: It is time for a well-deserved break.  I felt a bit nervous leading the group today, but it went quite well, and they thought my ideas were good.  In class it feels like we are a real team, and even though sometimes I have to step out of my comfort zone, I know everyone is supporting me.   

10.30am: We head into the boardroom to present our exhibition ideas to Jez, the Head of The Edge School of Creative and Business, and he updates us on a few changes we need to make, but he loves our ideas.  We need to make sure that the project is well promoted in the local community, so we talk about ways that we can do this.   

12pm: Lunchtime comes around quickly. My favourite sandwich is hand-made at the college canteen, and I take advantage of the meal deal on offer. If we’re not involved in running our College shop at lunchtime, then we tend to eat and head back to the business room: which is really nice.  Emma usually puts on the latest news, or a series like The Apprentice, or Dragons Den on the TV, and we have fun pulling apart the contestants over lunch.  I like the sofa area to chill out on at lunchtime, but I prefer to move to one of the tables in the afternoon to work.   

1pm:  We are all really into TikTok and we regularly make short videos on what we are doing in class. Today some of the class are creating new content about the Folkestone College shop for our TikTok page, and some of us are working on the brief for the marketing campaign for the exhibition.  It’s really important that the posters and leaflets not only look great but have all the correct information on, and today it’s my job to edit everything and make sure its right.  No pressure! 

4.15pm: We’ve finished for the day.  The TikTok has been uploaded and we’ve got the posters and leaflets ready to send to the printers.  I’m exhausted but can’t wait until tomorrow.  We’ve got a visit to the exhibition site on The Old High Street with the Level 3 Art students, which will be great as they are really excited too. 

The best bit about the business course for me is getting to do something new, and challenging myself all the time. It’s not always easy but you gets loads of support and help from the staff, and the class must work as a team, so everyone helps everyone out too.  I would say to anyone thinking about joining to give it a go.

I can’t wait to get out there and do this for myself one day! 


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