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Built Environment End of Term Competition!

It’s been competition time at Folkestone College for our Built Environment students!

The college holds internal competitions with our learners, as part of the stretch and challenge that we incorporate into every course we offer at Folkestone College.

For our Level 1 Bricklaying students and Level 2 Plastering students, each student was given a drawing to work from and the same amount of time in which to complete a wall.

Level 1 Bricklaying tutor David Rowe said, “It’s a great way for the students to demonstrate the skills they have learnt this year and goes a long way to promote student independence and the ability to work to a deadline. It has been good to still be able to hold our internal competitions in what has been a challenging year and we are looking forward to being able to go to regional and national skills competitions in the future.”

The winner of the competition was Jordan Vincent who received a certificate and a bricklaying tool kit, in joint second place were Ethan Moss and Charlie Haynes, who received a certificate each.

Level 2 Plastering tutor Andy Lockyer said, “We took what would normally have been part of the course and turned it into a competition to produce a fibrous moulding and fix it to a wall. We are really fortunate at Folkestone College that we are able to fully cover this complex part of plastering in our workshops and the students loved the challenge of a task that really stretched their knowledge and skill level.”  

The winner of the competition was Ben Wake Field who received a certificate and a plastering tool kit, in second place was Linsey Field, in third place was John Molroe, who each received a certificate.

We would like to give our students a big round of applause and we are confident that they will go on to be highly successful in the industry!

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