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Essential information
Qualification: Level 3 Architecture, Interior and Urban Design
Location: Folkestone

Level 3 Architecture, Interior and Urban Design

Our new architecture course is an exciting opportunity for learners to begin a creative journey towards exciting careers in architecture, interior and urban design.

Our Level 3 Architecture, Interior and Urban Design will introduce you to the range of job roles and careers in the combined and associated areas of architecture, spatial design, town design and planning, and interior design. You will develop a creative, knowledgeable and experimental approach to skills development through active research which informs practical projects, work experience and social action.

You will have access to relevant contemporary technology such as 3D printing and design software.


What will I study?

You will be studying a 2-year, UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology.


Year One Course Units:

Unit 1 Introduction to media processes and technical skills.
Exploring and having fun with physical and virtual models for architecture, interior and urban spaces and understanding different methods of communicating through design.

Unit 2 Introduction to design and research skills in creative media production:
The impact of research on developing ideas and quality of design.

Unit 3 Introduction to professional practice in creative media production:
Exploring and understanding jobs, careers and activities of the professional sectors. Raising aspirations through understanding how to become a professional creative.

Unit 4 Critical and contextual awareness in creative media production:
Architecture movements, styles, and contributing philosophies local, national and international.

Unit 5 Investigating audio production and technology
Unit 6 Investigating visual production and technology
Unit 7 Investigating interactive production and technology
In these units students will put into practice what has been learned in the first four units to carry out a range of projects including making a film, a podcast and exploring using different communication platforms to present work and interact with an audience.

Unit 8 Developing a creative media Production project:
This is the summative unit in the first year of the two-year qualification. It will provide students with a measure of self-directed learning through the completion of a substantial project. The unit requires students to apply the skills, knowledge and understanding developed during the first year. It will provide students with a measure of self-directed learning, and an opportunity to begin to clarify their longer-term goals through their choice of an activity to explore in greater depth.


Year Two:
The second year is all about beginning to work more independently and taking responsibility to manage time and produce creative work which focuses on the students interests in architecture, interior or urban design and prepares them for their next steps following the course. Most students will apply to study a degree course in their area of career interest.

Year Two Course Units:

Unit 9 Characteristics and contexts in creative media production:
Through exploration and investigation, students will enter into a more formal dialogue of personal interrogation and understanding designed to confirm strengths, enthusiasms and ambitions. It is expected that they will take ownership of their learning by responding positively to the greater opportunities for individual expression, creativity and technical understanding afforded through creative project work.

Unit 10 Engaging with an audience in creative media production:
The unit provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of audiences for their chosen areas of activity and the importance of collaboration and communication with those audiences during engagement with complex problem solving tasks during creative project work.

Unit 11 Preparing for progression in creative media production:
This unit requires students, through a process of research, dialogue, reflection and evaluation, to identify and prepare for specific Higher Education or employment progression routes appropriate to their ambitions

Unit 12 Specialist study in creative media production:
This unit requires students to research and critically examine the influence of historical and contemporary contexts on the development of ideas and how this informs their own practice. The unit will enable students to demonstrate an understanding of their discipline and place within it.

Unit 13 Extended project in creative media production:
This unit provides students with an opportunity to confirm their chosen specialism by engaging in activity related to their discipline of choice. It is expected that they will take ownership of their learning by responding positively to the greater opportunities for individual expression and creativity afforded and demonstrate their ability to competently use the range of skills acquired throughout the course.


What could this course lead to?

This course is designed for students who are interested in going to university or college and studying at degree level. After the completion of a university or college degree, you could aim at a career as an architect, spatial designer, interior designer, town planner, and more!


How will I be assessed?

You will receive formative feedback throughout the course as you work. Your units of study are assessed and graded through the production of project based work.

Entry Requirements

Please read more on our Group entry requirements.

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