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Our Sports Facilities

We have a wide range of industry-standard facilities available to our students at EKC Sixth Form College, supporting our Sport & Physical Education students and space for all students for extra-curricular activities.

Our Sport & Physical Education students take part in practical lessons and activities at our on-site Sports Centre. 

They have full access to the high-end facilities, aiding their learning and development and helping to maintain fitness levels.

The Sports Centre is also open to students across the campus, alongside members of the public and local coaching businesses. This means that the facilities that are available to you are to a professional and industry standard.


The centre has a bright, modern gym with industry-standard equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, stair climbers and a range of resistance machines. There is also a fully equipped weightlifting area for students to use to build their fitness levels.

Large Sports Hall

The Sports Centre boasts a large sports hall with wooden semi-sprung flooring. Students play a great range of sports in the hall, including basketball, netball, handball and badminton, allowing them to develop their skills in many areas.

Fitness Studio

The Fitness Studio is a great space for our students to take part in classes and practice dance, giving them a top-class learning experience as they can develop in all areas of Sport and Physical Education.

Discounted Membership for all Students

All EKC Sixth Form students are able to get an exclusive discounted membership at £15 per month for unlimited access to the Sports Centre. Find out more information here.

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