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Getting you Ready for University

EKC Sixth Form College is the perfect stepping stone between school and university. With our extensive industry and academic links, expert passionate teaching and our top-class facilities and support, you will have everything you need to successfully progress after your A Levels. Find out how we can help you get to the university you want with the independence you need to be successful.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The EPQ is an A Level standard, standalone qualification that is designed to extend and develop your abilities beyond your course.

The Qualification is worth half an A Level in terms of UCAS points and is well recognised by universities.

You will get the opportunity to develop additional skills and be supported to plan your project and execute its delivery.

You could choose to do a project which will support your long-term aspirations, or you could choose a topic that can help to extend your learning beyond the boundaries of your A Levels that supports the course you’d like to study at university.

Find out more about the EPQ project here.

University and Industry Links

Whatever A Levels you choose, you will have countless opportunities to link with universities, attend Open Days and University fairs.

Our Science subjects benefit from links with local universities so you are able to take advantage of their professional facilities, including Forensic Crime Scenes and working laboratories.

You can take advantage of our strong industry links, too. Drama & Theatre students will be benefit from our partnership with The Marlowe Theatre, with opportunities for you to get behind-the-scenes of a working theatre and arts centre.

Social Action Skills

Twice a year you will be involved in Community Weeks, where you will take part in social action. These projects are led by what you want to do but will give you the opportunity to work on the soft skills that are valued by universities and future employers.

Find out why social action is important here.

Widest range of A Levels

Our range of A Levels are wide and there are extensive opportunities for combining subjects you really want to study.

Whether you want some advice on pathways that will help you get to the career of your dreams, or you know exactly what you want to do, we can support you by offering you the flexibility to pick the courses that interest you and provide a meaningful Sixth Form experience.

Browse our range of A Level courses here.

Expert Teaching

Our A Level teachers are experts in their subjects. Each teacher has relevant subject and teaching qualifications and are passionate about ensuring you progress on to the university or career of your choice.

Meet our teachers in this blog post.

Electives Programme

Every Wednesday at EKC Sixth Form College, you will be given the afternoon to dedicate to your elective programme. This could be getting involved in sports clubs, creative writing workshops, debate teams or anything else that interests you.

This will give you the opportunity to develop skills and roles that add colour to your personal statement and help your application stand out.

Support Services

Your wellbeing is important to us. Studying A Levels can be rigorous, but we are here to support you and build your resilience.

You will have a dedicated Sixth Form mentor, who will help you with be there to check in with you and speak to you about any concerns you may have.

If needed, you will be able to access the College counselling team and our Wellbeing Centre run by trained professionals.

Find out more about our support services here.