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Why choose EKC Sixth Form College?

As a Sixth Form College, we offer an experience that is different to school. Here, you are taught in a mature learning environment, and you will be treated like an adult and given the freedom to express yourself.

In our Sixth Form College, there are no students below the age of 16, and because we are open to a broader college community, there will also be students who are older than 16-19 studying here, creating a ‘university-like’ atmosphere. 

It is this unique environment that offers a great opportunity to transition between school-based learning, and the independent learning style of a University or a Higher Level Apprenticeship.

You will be empowered to develop your confidence, push beyond your comfort zone, and embrace life-changing opportunities, ahead of taking the next step towards your future. 


Helping you achieve your goals

We are proud to be a diverse and inclusive Sixth Form College. We celebrate individual differences and understand that not all students have the same needs and aspirations.

That’s why we are committed to meeting the needs of each and every individual student, providing the support, advice, and guidance they need to achieve their ambitions.

Whether you would like to go to University, take on a Higher Level Apprenticeship, secure employment, or are unsure about your next steps, we will help you explore your options and get to where you want to be.

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