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Our Promise to Schools

We believe our moral purpose is to strengthen the opportunities available for everyone within our communities this starts with empowering our schools and ensuring they draw strength from being part of the EKC Schools Trust. 

Our promise to our schools:

  • Greater financial security and cost savings through already established high-quality services. The Trust does not need to make a profit and can provide significant benefits through economies of scale on purchasing; 
  • Across the Trust, children of all ages experience a broader and richer curriculum owing to our curriculum enrichment offer:  
    • Enrichment Days - Pupils enjoy a programme of visits to the EKC Group Colleges. Inspirational learning experiences affording access to industry experts and sector-leading learning facilities 
    • School Visits - EKC Group partners also provide workshops and events within our schools, bringing the learning to the children. 
  • Centralised support for statutory duties and compliance that will save you time and relieve stress;
  • Access to the highest quality corporate services - including HR, Finance, legal and contract management, procurement and estates - empowering schools to focus on educating the next generation;
  • Consistent and regular School Improvement expertise and guidance for every Trust school
  • A range of professional development opportunities on the current educational agendas, pedagogies and areas of improvement, supporting schools in remaining forward-thinking and outward-facing in their staff development;
    • Educational Services, our professional development centre, provides our family of schools, partners and the broader education community with high-impact CPD opportunities that strengthen school improvement. Visit Education Services to learn more about our upcoming events. 
  • Free support, advice and guidance for Governors during the Head Teacher Appraisal process; 
  • Organised and well-planned systems for school-to-school networking and moderation across the Trust; 
  • Support from students of the EKC Group, ranging from assisting at an event to completing small construction projects.


We are pleased to have the support of our Regional School Commissioner’s Office and are proud to be part of KMA - Kent MAT Alliance, collaborative partnership that is directly improving the MAT landscape in Kent and driving improvement in the education and opportunities of pupils in our schools. 

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