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Maintaining and respecting the importance of schools in driving their own vision and holding leaders to account is one of the core principles of EKC Schools Trust.

That is why each school would have its own Local Governing Bodies to carry out these functions through a scheme of delegation. The Local Governing Body would report into the Trust’s Board, which would provide overarching strategic guidance for the whole of the Trust.

Contact the Chair of the Board of Trustees

The Chair of the Board of Trustees is Jonathan Clarke.

Contact the Chair through the Director of Governance and Clerk to the Trustees Board, EKC Schools Trust, Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 1PN.

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    Members provide oversight for the Trust, Governors and Trustees and statutory oversight.


    The board of trustees is responsible for setting standards and levels of achievement and for monitoring performance and ensuring accountability.

    Local Governing Bodies

    Strong and robust governance is a key asset in securing high  standards of educational achievement. We believe local governance plays an important role in encouraging and shaping the wider learning opportunities and experiences available to children, adding value as we work towards our strategic vision and improvement priorities. You can find out more about our schools governance arrangements by clicking on the links below: