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Albert Einstein once said: ‘If bees were to disappeared from the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live’

Our bees are in danger and without the bees what will happen to our planet? And what will happen to us?

Check out all of the different resources we have collated to support you in finding out more about the threats to our bees and what we can do to help.

Bumble Bee Conservation Trust

Check out the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust’s Learning zone for free educational activities suitable from the foundation years right through to KS3 and beyond.

Bee kind

Bee kind: a free gardening tool. Schools can sign up (it’s free) and measure their bee-friendliness score and learn how points are awarded, receive planting recommendations, manage multiple gardens and more.

Gardening tips and advice

Whether you have a window box, allotment or large garden, planting bee-friendly flowers can help boost your local bumblebee population.

Kent Wildlife Trust

Kent Wildlife Trust has a whole range of practical activities for you to do, not only to help protect the bees but also to create habitable environments for all sorts of wildlife.

Bee Pollinatior Action Plan

Are you interested in policy and learning more about Kent’s commitment to improve the habitat for pollinators across the county? Check out Kent County Council's Plan Bee pollinator action plan.

Bug Life

Bug Life have a B-Lines project that aims to establish ‘insect pathways’ to support insects. They have a map that shows current sites in the south east – maybe you could add some of the planting you do to their map too?