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Our Vision and Core Purpose

EKC Schools Trust’s vision is to raise the aspiration of all within the communities we serve, enabling everyone to access the highest quality educational provision that can help them to achieve their personal ambitions. We believe our schools must retain their sense of place and their local community identities.

We believe our moral purpose is to strengthen the opportunities available for everyone within our communities. Our ability to deliver a range of core services is one of the key benefits for all schools joining the EKC Schools Trust.

As part of the Trust, you will receive access to the highest quality corporate services, empowering you to focus on educating the next generation, and giving them the tools they will need to succeed as they progress

Core Purpose

  • To enrich curriculum through partnership and collaboration
  • To strengthen and enhance our communities
  • To maximise and achieve the potential of every learner
  • To enable the power of education to inspire