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Our Services

Strengthening and enhancing our communities starts with ensuring our schools draw strength from being part of the EKC Schools Trust. We empower the growth and development of our schools through access to EKC Group’s resources and facilities. As such our schools have access to the highest quality corporate services from school improvment to HR, finance and more, giving them the tools they will need to succeed and focus on educating the next generation.

You can learn more about the services that support our schools below:  

While our schools design and implement their own curriculums, the Trust works with schools to enhance the curriculum as follows: 

  • Enrichment Days: Pupils enjoy a programme of visits to the EKC Group Colleges across East Kent. These enrichment days empower our pupils to develop first-hand knowledge of a wide variety of sectors, giving them a fresh outlook on the opportunities available to them as they grow up. Whilst also developing new and exciting skills to support them in their learning. These inspirational learning experiences afford access to industry experts and sector-leading learning facilities across the fields of business, computing, construction, design, hair and beauty, music, travel and tourism, technology and many more including visits to EKC's professional salons, imitation airline, music and creative studios and it's four-star Yarrow Hotel.
  • School Visits: EKC Group partners also provide workshops and events within our schools, bringing the learning to the children. 

Across the Trust, children of all ages experience a broader and richer curriculum, and we're immensely proud of our offer. 

The Trust provides School Improvement services to its schools. Regular visits from the CEO to support and challenge our school leaders provides a strong partnership and a continual focus for all the schools on being highly effective in analysing their own strengths and identifying the areas they want to advance next.

We also offer a range of professional development opportunities for staff across the Trust supporting schools in remaining forward-thinking and outward-facing in their staff development. 

Educational Services, our professional development centre, provides our family of schools, partners and the broader education community with high-impact CPD opportunities that strengthen school improvement. 

Visit Education Services to learn more about our upcoming events. 

The Trust offers a high-quality human resources service, offering advice and guidance in the recruitment, retention, management and development of staff. HR also offers employee experience and wellbeing support.

The Trust's finance team supports schools on a whole host of finance-related issues. From helping to run payroll, through to developing budgets, the Trust's finance team enhances finance services across the schools.

Our schools have amazing stories to tell and ensuring our communities and potential pupils know about their successes is critical. The Trust supports schools to tell these stories and receive the recognition they deserve.  

From website hosting through to network development, ensuring our technology is seamless is essential in a world of interactive learning. The Trust helps to ensure every school day provides an immersive and inspirational learning experience.

The Trust's highly qualified and experienced team is able to provide project management services for capital developments, and advice and guidance on estates maintenance issues ensuring school can provide the best possible learning environment.

The Trust's Corporate Affairs team deliver a wide range of services for our schools. From contract management and legal advice to procurement guidance and GDPR and FOI support. 

Maintaining and respecting the importance of schools in driving their own vision and holding leaders to account is one of EKC Schools Trust's core principles. Each school has it's own Local Governing Body to carry out these functions through a scheme of delegation with access to advice and support as required.