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About Us

As part of EKC Group’s commitment to enhancing the outcomes for the communities we serve, we now want to add to the opportunities available for young people in the areas in which we work. With a range of exceptional learning environments for over 16s, EKC Group wants to develop its provision further, working with schools to grow its educational vision.

We want to engage with learning at every age level in East Kent, further enabling the communities we serve to access the education they need to ensure they can continue to flourish and grow. We know a pupil’s ambition begins in primary schools and we want to support schools in their work to develop this further.

Building on our established model as part of EKC Group, any school that chooses to join EKC Schools Trust will retain high levels of autonomy. They will maintain the existing leadership, devolved responsibilities within their Local Governing Body while also remaining accountable for the standards and outcomes for the children in their school.

We believe wholeheartedly in the unique and individualised nature of organisations and wish to retain local relationships, personalised approaches and curriculums and celebrate the distinctiveness of each school.

Our Schools

We are committed to offering our schools the opportunity to grow and develop, while remaining an independent part of their local community.

Our Vision

EKC Schools Trust has a clear vision to raise the aspiration of all within the communities we serve, enabling everyone to access the highest quality educational provision that can help them to achieve their personal ambitions.

Our Services

As part of the Trust, you will receive access to the highest quality corporate services, empowering you to focus on educating the next generation, and giving them the tools they will need to succeed as they progress.