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About Us

As a family of schools, colleges and business units, EKC Schools Trust and it's sister organisation EKC Group are committed to raising the aspiration of all within the communities we serve. Enabling all ages to access the highest quality educational provision, helping them to grow and flourish, and achieve their personal ambitions. 

Maintaining and respecting the importance of schools in driving their own vision and holding leaders to account is one of EKC Schools Trust's core principles.  Our structure celebrates their unique and distinctive character and ensures they have the autonomy to make their own decisions and remain a core part of the community they serve. 


  • To strengthen and enhance our communities
  • To enable the power of education to inspire
  • To maximise and achieve the potential of every learner
  • To enrich the curriculum through partnership and collaboration


Strengthening and enhancing our communities starts with ensuring our schools draw strength from being part of the EKC Schools Trust. We empower the growth and development of our schools through access to EKC Group’s resources and facilities. A partnership which offers:

  • A wealth of curriculum enriching opportunities and resources, including experience days, practical activities and inspirational environments for specialist learning
  • A range of bespoke training opportunities for Trust schools on the current educational agendas, pedagogies and areas of improvement;
  • Consistent and regular School Improvement expertise and guidance for every Trust school;
  • Free support, advice and guidance for Governors during the Head Teacher Appraisal process;
  • Organised and well-planned systems for school-to-school networking and moderation across the Trust;
  • Greater financial security and cost savings through high-quality corporate services. The Trust does not need to make a profit, and can provide significant benefits through economies of scale on purchasing;


To learn more about the services that support our schools visit Our Services.

Our Schools & Partners

As a family of schools, colleges and business units, EKC Schools Trust is part of a unique partnership.

Our Services

Our schools receive access to the highest quality corporate services, empowering them to focus on educating the next generation, and giving them the tools they will need to succeed as they progress.

Trust Newsletter

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