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Hayley Barden


Hayley has been Principal of EKC IntoWork since 2019.

Hayley has worked in the education sector for over 25 years following completion of a BA in Social Science. Her passion for teaching was born from her first post delivering A level Sociology in East London. From this work Hayley was inspired to work with community groups to support members in making positive changes to their lives and surrounding environment. Hayley also enjoyed a period of time within the prison education system.

Hayley went on to teach and manage education programmes at KCC for 10yrs before coming to the then named East Kent College almost 10 years ago. Her first post of Foundation Programmes manager was to develop and implement the Progression Curriculum which later went on the win a Beacon Award which we were all very proud of.

As the group evolved and expanded Hayley became Assistant Principal at Dover and then Folkestone College before being offered the opportunity of becoming Principal of EKC IntoWork.

Hayley has two children and lives with her partner. They are currently renovating their property which absorbs any spare time they do have.