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The Opportunity at Your Fingertips

We live in an increasingly digitised world and, since the pandemic, the need for digitisation across a range of industries has continued to rise exponentially. More and more businesses which may not have previously considered competing in the virtual landscape have been forced into an online presence during national lockdowns. Even since the lifting of restrictions, the caution still being exercised by many, mixed with the convenience of digital services and quick delivery of goods means that businesses who want to compete must have an online provision.

It should then be of great concern to current and prospective business owners that there is a significant skills gap in the United Kingdom for coders, web developers and I.T specialists in general- even as far back as 2016, the government had recognised the significant shortfall in those with the skills to meet the domestic demand for this type of work, meaning a huge amount of it being outsourced to overseas companies and prices charged by UK based providers skyrocketing.

This resulted in the development of the Institute of Coding (IoC)- a national consortium of educators, employers and other industry bodies whose goal is to develop and support these skills being learnt across a range of demographics.

EKC DigitalLearn’s Level 5 Web Application Development Diploma is a great example of this; an alternative to a university degree, this qualification can be completed in less than a year and graduates then have the full support of the IoC to find work with their members, including such industry giants as Amazon, BT, HMRC and Google, to name just a few.

Alternatively, you could always start your own business after completing your qualification- although it would mean more work and, in some modes of thinking, less financial security, it puts you completely in control of what you earn and means that as the need for web developers increases, you will be able to set your own prices for your work and grow your income in relation to the effort you put in rather than the financial value which your employer ascribes to you.

Unsure whether this is the right option for you? Try it out for free with the 5 Day Coding Challenge- spend just one hour a day over the course of five days learning and trying out some of the basics of web development, it’s the perfect way to cut your teeth in this field if you’re a little unsure…

The Level 5 Web Application Development Diploma starts in October but applications are open now- the only entry requirements are that you must be over 19 years old and have an appropriate level of English! Don’t miss your chance to get a place on this exciting course which can support you into a bright future…