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10 Reasons to Study From Home, Even With Restrictions Lifted...

Have you been enjoying post-lockdown freedom? Not all of the changes brought on by the pandemic were necessarily negative; here's our case for why you may wish to continue studying from home...

1) You can get up later

For many of us, even an extra five minutes in bed makes all the difference (has anyone ever slept so deeply as they do between snoozed alarms?) so being able to cut out the time it takes to travel into college or sixth form means that you can benefit from some extra time in bed- even better in the cold Winter months when it can be hard to get up and face the outdoors.

2) Save money (and time) on travel

We’ve already talked about one way to spend the extra time you’ve saved in the morning, but just think what you can do with the money you’ll save on transport, which brings us nicely to our next point…

3) It’s more environmentally friendly

Unless you walk each and every morning you’re contributing in some way to the destruction of the planet- even cycling requires the production of tyres and the maintenance of cycle paths. We don’t want to make you feel bad but if you can learn from home then is your education really worth participating in the slow-burn ruination of humanity’s collective heritage?

4) Support your household more easily

If you’re already at home, then why not quickly do the washing up at lunch time? Or stick the washing machine on between lessons- being at home all day means that all those tiny, wasted pockets of time we all have throughout the day can be put to better use!

5) Enjoy what you want for lunch (plus no waiting in line)

Don’t settle for cafeteria options- make your own gourmet burnt toast or artisanal microwaved noodles… really though, the sky’s the limit- you can cook whatever you like (or are capable of) or take advantage of the takeaway revolution and order with Just Eat!

6) When school finishes, you’re already home!

We’ve already made the case for not travelling to your educational establishment in the mornings but what about the benefits of finishing for the day and finding yourself already home, ready to relax and wind down without any of the stress of having to travel.

7) You won’t feel so disrupted if there’s another pandemic…

Fingers crossed this is the last major historical event any of us will have to endure against our will, but the factors which bought about the Covid19 Pandemic are all still at play and there’s really nothing to stop this happening all over again… Now, enough fearmongering; here’s the solution- study from home! That way if schools and colleges are forced to close again then you won’t be caught out and can continue seamlessly into whatever ‘new normal’ comes next…

8) Build your self-discipline

Many people don’t realise it, but it takes a lot more personal regulation to work from home to the same degree as you would when attending classes; the home is full of distractions whereas educational establishments are set up to do exactly what it says on the tin… If you can master your concentration and regiment yourself though, you will be setting yourself up with, arguably, the most valuable skill an adult can possess.

9) Far less can throw your day off course

As mentioned above, you will have to develop the discipline to avoid succumbing to distractions, but  once you have, you will find yourself a lot more able to focus; no peer-group dramas, no running late because of traffic and no chatty classmates distracting you during lessons…

10) You can wear your comfy clothes…

The dubious fashion of collared shirts and sweatpants is one of the more interesting phenomena to emerge from the pandemic. Whether working from home or completing your education- smart on top, comfy on the bottom is the sartorial equivalent of the mullet and we hope it’s here to stay!