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Qualification: Functional Skills in ICT- Level 2

Functional Skills in ICT- Level 2

An opportunity to gain a formal, nationally recognised qualification at level 2 in ICT skills that could help to propel you into the modern day and ever changing academic and professional environments, with access to Microsoft Office 365 as well as live support and advice from an experienced tutor with an excellent track record or success rates in this subject.


What will I learn?

This comprehensive course covers five core modules of Information and Communication Technology over the course of three teaching sessions, preparing the learner for proficiency in the most vital aspects of the skillset-

  • Using the Internet- learn how to search for, find and record the information you require.
  • Using Excel- Formulae including SUM, IF statements, VLOOKUPs, conditional formatting, Sorting and Filtering, charts, relative and absolute cell referencing.
  • Using Word and PowerPoint- Create information documents or presentations using images, tables, formatting, tables of contents, animations, and dictate.
  • Using Outlook- Formalise emails and create templates for efficient usage of repetitive emails, creating calendar invites and meetings, create contacts, create rules and folders, search for those lost emails!
  • ICT Basics- Using and locating some of the features of the computer including the Ease of Access options, staying safe online and more...

How will I be assessed?

Utilizing three live, online teaching sessions held over the course of three weeks and with an exam held on the fourth week, learners will have the chance to practise their newly learnt skills prior to assessment and access a wealth of resources including consultation with an experienced ICT teaching professional and the industry-leading Microsoft Office 365 package as well as practice assessments to prepare them for the two-hour exam.

What may it lead to?

This is an industry-standard, nationally recognised qualification teaching a host of transferable skills for both work and further study. Upon completion, learners will be competent to undertake positions such as:

  • Administration/ Reception
  • Office Clerk
  • Personal Assistant roles
  • Data Entry
  • Research and Procurement

Also opening up a range of Further Education options, alumni may wish to pursue studies within a range of subjects.

Entry requirements, additional information and other costs

Learners will need access to Wi-Fi and preferably a laptop with a webcam. Full funding is available for learners who meet the conditions of the Adult Education Budget.

Delivery location

This course is delivered remotely with exams taking place in Dover. Please contact us to find out upcoming start dates.


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