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The EKC Group offer the JANET eduroam service for students and visitors. 

Eduroam enables visitors to our site to log on to the eduroam network using their eduroam credentials and access applications and services offered by their home institution.

It also allows members who visit other participating establishments to log on to eduroam and access a services remotely.

Connecting to eduroam

Before connecting

Please read our Acceptable usage policy before attempting to connect to eduroam! You may also find it useful to read our Guidance for connecting to eduroam. It is also advisable to read JANET's roaming policy. 


Your ICT department should be able to brief you on how to connect to eduroam and which services your home institution offers. However, should you experience technical difficulties, you may contact our IT Service Desk using the contact details below.

EKC Group members

As long as you have a valid EKC Group network log on, you should be able to access the eduroam network from any participating institution. 

Non-eduroam guests

If you wish to gain Internet access during your visit, you may obtain temporary guest account details from IT. 


The easiest way to get connected is by visiting https://cat.eduroam.org/?idp=2385, from your phone/laptop while at home or on mobile data and follow the instructions you should then automatically connect when on out sites.

Your username should be in the form of username@eastkent.ac.uk, eg, jbloggs@eastkent.ac.uk or, for students, 123456@eastkent.ac.uk. You do not need to specify a domain name if prompted by their laptop/device. 

Some devices allow you to scan this code and go straight the setup page.


Removing your profile

When you association (employment or study) ends with us, please remove your eduroam credentials.

Further information

You can find further information on our Moodle site.

Eduroam information