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Web Enrolment Portal

We previously indicated in your invite letter for Enrollment that we were developing an online system to upload documents and an ID photo. We are pleased to inform you that the system is now live and you can now access this by visiting the following URL link.

Take me to the portal

Step One – Click on the Next icon and you will be directed to the Login Page.  Once the page has loaded please click on the click here option next to Register a new Account.

Step Two – Complete the mandatory required fields with a * but also ensure the following:

  • All address fields are completed in full, including Post Code
  • When entering your date of birth click on dd, mmm or yyyy to enter the digits. 

Once you have created the account you can then log in at any time from the Landing Page with the credentials you have supplied.  Please make a note of your login details for future use.

Step Three – Once registered you will be returned to the Personal Details page. Now click on Go to Results Upload within the first coloured banner.

Step Four – On the Results Upload page please enter your Student Reference Number supplied and proceed to the Please enter your Grades section.  Here you can commence entering your actual grades obtained prior to or during summer 2020 exams.  If you are expecting results after your date of enrolment, enter these using the Predicted Grades option.

Use the Allow Row button to input all your results obtained.


Step five – In the Evidence Upload section, you will be able to add scanned documents, picture or PDF copies of evidence to the site.  These are viewed by your tutor prior to or on your enrolment day as part of the conditional offer.  Select the Type of Evidence and add notes to describe the document.

Step six - Now click on Choose File and search for the document or picture that you wish to upload on your PC/device.

The title of the document/picture will display next to Choose File and then click Upload.

Note:  The file type must be in .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .pdf format to upload.  Once uploaded the document will show in the Type of Evidence table below.


If you wish to remove a document and replace it with others, you can do so by using the X (Remove) button.  Once you have uploaded all documents needed for your Conditional offer click Next.

Step Seven – Upload Photo for ID card - In this step you are able to upload a photo to be used on your student ID.  The requirements of the photo are within the page and you can upload your photo by clicking on Choose File and search your device/PC to upload.  Once uploaded, the name of the file will be shown. 

Step Eight – Proof of ID – At enrolment, we require a certain type of photo ID as part of the evidence seen to identify you as the person enrolling.  The list is visible in the Proof of ID upload by clicking on Type of Evidence and then repeat Step Six. Once you have uploaded all documents click Next

Note:  If you cannot upload photo evidence, please ensure you bring this with you on your enrolment day.

Step Nine – For 19+ Applicants only – as part of the Fee Assessment for 19+ Learners (except for those with an Education, Health and Care Plan -EHCP) we require evidence to support a possible fee waiver.

  • Complete the mandatory Employment Status section and select the category by clicking on the dropdown arrow to the right of the cell.  This box cannot be blank so for those applicants who have an EHCP please select a category and then click Next at the bottom of the page.
  • For the remaining applicants please complete sections Employed or Unemployed and upload the evidence in the same way at Step Six
  • Once you have uploaded all documents click Next

Step 10 – Confirmation – This section should be completed when you have finalised all prior sections to meet the conditional offer and/or uploaded the required documents.

If you wish to go back and review, you can click the Back the button, which will take you back to the Photo & ID section or click on the Results icon within the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page to take you back to the results page. 

Note:  Either option will require you to upload your ID photo again to proceed to the end. 

To ensure you stay within the toolkit for uploading documents, please right click and open in a new window the following documents contained within the statement:

  1. EKC Group data Protection
  2. ESFA Privacy Notice

Once you have read the terms and conditions, and associated documents, please tick the confirmation box and using your mouse or touchpad sign the document on the single line.

Press ​Clear if you wish to amend the signature

Once you have completed this section click Next to finish

If at any point you are experiencing difficulty with the process, or an error box appears and you cannot continue please call the College Services staff on 01304 244 332 who will assist you or direct you to staff who can.