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Nat Lively: T Level Pilot

Hi, my name is Nat and I studied the T Level Computing pilot last year.

Which pathway did you study on?

Level 3 Computing

What did you enjoy about studying at Dover Technical College?

Dover Technical College is truly a positive environment for both your education and social life. If I was ever struggling with issues personally or with the course, the staff handled it professionally and quickly to prevent it from getting worse. We were given the freedom to have our concerns heard and actually actioned upon, making the entire college feel more closely knit. Thanks to my time at DTC, I'm now in full-time employment in the field of Computing.

Where have you progressed since studying at Dover Technical College?

I am now employed as the Technical Operations Manager at The Overseas Teacher, a subsidiary company of ADM Computing Ltd.

T Leve pilot: What did you think of the T Level and would you recommend this style of learning to other students?

The T Level was a unique opportunity which allowed me to undertake relevant work experience in my field, letting me understand aspects of my course when applied in a practical setting - benefitting my coursework and exam heavily thanks to the first-hand knowledge I gained. Because I worked with a company for an extended period of time, they were able to get to know me and my work style - and I was offered full-time employment after completing my course.

Would you recommend studying at Dover Technical College, what rating would you give out of 5?