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Feel Good Get Together with Efe Register now!

We’re looking forward to the first session of “The Feel Good Get Together” course with Efe Ezekiel available for all EKC Group students on Moodle!


About Efe

Check out this video to meet Efe and find out more about The Feel Good Get Together!

Efe has recently been on Meridian to discuss the work that she is doing. She has also worked with the BBC, Sky News and MTV, and is an extremely experienced mentor, youth worker and coach.

So how can you join?

Let’s look at how you can register!

Beginning on Monday 20th April Efe the youth mentor will be delivering these sessions through Microsoft Teams. If you get registered now you only have to do it once. Just log into Moodle and let’s get started!

Instructions for joining the talks

  • Log onto Moodle and go to the ‘Courses’ tab at the top
  • Find KaMCOP is listed in the dropdown
  • Open the 'All Colleges' folder
  • Read the PDF guide for Microsoft Teams 
  • Complete the FEC Online Activity Register. There is a button you can click after you’ve completed the register which redirects you to the folder called ‘Join the Feel Good Get Together with Efe Ezekiel!’
  • Within ‘Join the Feel Good Get Together with Efe Ezekiel!’ there will be a link for a Teams event every day so that you can tune into Efe live
  • You’ll need to mute your microphone in the Teams sessions and use the chat function for any questions you have!

What’s in store for the first 5 sessions?

Efe has sent us over what some of the sessions are going to entail, and we’ve included the first five below:

1. Introduction to the programme

Meet me and the topics that we are going to cover

Updates on everyone's well-being

Closed Groups - Safe space and place of positivity

Participation and discussion

Feedback on any topics they would like to talk about

2. Powerful Mindset & Potential

Developing a solution based and strong mindset for daily well-being

Thinking about the things that will make them focused and full of hope for tomorrow

3. The Feel Good Factor

Discovering the best ways to manage our emotions on a daily basis.

How to deal with the positives and negatives

4. The Routine

Exploring ways to have a productive daily routine

Making sure that the time we have is used for work, creativity and rest

5. How to Stay Motivated

Clear tips on how to stay motivated every day.


So get yourself registered now for what will no doubt be an amazing and motivating series of discussions. Learn some of the top tips on staying positive and productive from one of the UK’s best youth mentors!