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A day in the life of an Early Years student

My College day starts at 9.00am, but I arrive at 8.30am to catch up with friends and grab some breakfast from the refectory before I head off to class. Today I am in college developing my understanding of Early Years practice, but tomorrow I will be in my work placement in a Nursery developing my work skills.  I love the variety of the course and the fact that I can spend two days of my week in a real Early Years setting.

We spend the morning learning about professionalism in Early Years and how to support children’s development and have discussions on how we do this in our work placements.

At lunch time I meet with my friends and we head off to the shopping centre, it’s great to be in the middle of town and to have the freedom to be able to go off-site for lunch.  Being at college has made me feel mature and has developed my independence, I have also made new friends who share my love of music. When the weather is good we sit on the grass outside and share songs online.

I have a meeting with the Achievement Tutor to go over my recent English test and then it’s time for my afternoon lessons where we prepare an activity for the children in our work placement.  This is our opportunity to think about what we have learnt in the morning and use our new knowledge to develop resources to use in a Nursery. 

Our Assessor comes into the session to book her next visit to work placement with us and we discuss a good time for her to come to my Nursery next week and talk about the activity I am planning.  She tells me that she has received positive feedback from the Manager at my work placement which makes me feel incredibly proud of how far I have come. On my first day at placement, I was so nervous that my sister walked me there in the morning and met me when I finished - now it feels like I am one of the team.

At the end of the day, we pack up and head home, but before I leave, I go down to the hair salon and book my next haircut, another bonus to being at college!