Strategic Goal 3

To achieve outstanding outcomes for students and employers

Objective 5

To build confidence, personal ambition and a determination to succeed

By 2021, EKC Group will be pursuing innovative approaches to curriculum design and delivery that seek to inspire enjoyment of learning through the practical application of knowledge.

The acquisition of higher grades will be celebrated, with student progression to the highest possible level of study considered an expectation.

Teaching teams will be ensuring a relentless focus on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment as the number one priority for student achievement.

As a staff team, we will be ambitious for ourselves and all EKC Group students, with our performance recognised and rewarded within a working environment that promotes wellbeing.

Objective 6

To empower students to enter skilled employment

By 2021, EKC Group will have developed strategic industry partnerships aligned to each college’s area of technical excellence, adding value to local employers through the development of a talented local workforce.

The Group will be operating an efficient and effective apprenticeship service for East Kent’s employers, with students’ transition into employment supported through job-specific pre-employment training, application and interview preparation, and a student experience that prepares for the demands of working life.

Putting students first - Preparing for the demands of working life

Our values in action: Enterprise and resilience. Ofsted confirmed that:

"Managers craft the curriculum offer exceptionally well to meet local and regional skills and social needs."

"The principal and senior leaders set themselves exceptionally high standards and expectations and communicate these very well to staff, who understand and share them."

"A significant part of enabling unemployed people to get into work is about making sure they have the right skills to secure employment. EKC Group is an important partner in supporting our customers into employment."

Dean Weston Department for Work and Pensions

"It is essential that business is at the table when planning education and skills provision. We look forward to continue working in partnership with the EKC Group to ensure delivery of the skills that major employers such as the Port need now and in the future to drive business growth and to support local and national economic success."

Tim Waggott Chief Executive, Port of Dover

1 Ofsted Further education and skills inspection report, Canterbury College, March 2017

2 Ofsted Further education and skills inspection report, East Kent College, January 2017