Strategic Goal 2

To provide exceptional learning opportunities

Objective 3

To inspire social responsibility

By 2021, EKC Group will be highly regarded by stakeholders as a welcoming college community with a culture built on mutual respect, and with personalised learning tailored to each student’s needs.

The acquisition of technical skills will be placed at the core of each student’s personal development, with life skills championed through English, Maths, digital literacy, enterprise, collaboration and communication being integrated into study programmes.

Students will be fully represented across the family of colleges by an active Students’ Union, with the wider student experience supported by a vibrant range of social, cultural and sporting opportunities.

Motivated leadership of social action projects will be a hallmark of the EKC Group, with students using their technical skills to deliver positive change within their local communities.

Objective 4

To deliver highly career-relevant education and training

By 2021, EKC Group will have aligned its education and skills provision with the specific occupational requirements of East Kent industry, working with employers to co-design study programmes and apprenticeship opportunities.

Supported by industry partnerships, on-going professional development will be in place to ensure college staff maintain up-to-date knowledge and expertise grounded in the current and future needs of employers.

In turn, the employability of students will be enhanced through highly career-relevant, project-based approaches to learning within industry-standard facilities operating on a commercial basis.

Students drawn from each of the family of colleges will be celebrating success in local, regional, national and international skills competitions.

Putting students first – Training, personal development and life skills

Our values in action: Respect and excellence. Ofsted confirmed that:

"Leaders promote diversity and a culture of mutual respect around college"1

"Students enjoy their learning and are motivated to succeed."1

"Apprentices have a very positive impact on their employers’ businesses, using the skills gained at college to enhance employers’ practices."2

"KMEP and The South East Local Enterprise Partnership are highly supportive of the new EKC Group. The Group is helping to ensure the East Kent economy will have the skills required to continue to grow and flourish in the future."

Geoff Miles Chair of Kent and Medway Economic Partnership and Vice Chair of South East Local Enterprise Partnership

"The EKC Group places employment at the heart of its strategy. The Group is active in working to address skills gaps, strengthening the talent pipeline for East Kent business through high quality skills and Ofsted ‘outstanding’ apprenticeship provision."

Jo James Chief Executive, Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

1 Ofsted Further education and skills inspection report, Canterbury College, March 2017

2 Ofsted Further education and skills inspection report, East Kent College, January 2017