Mission and Values


As a family of five community-based colleges across East Kent, the Mission, Vision and Values of the EKC Group are:


To play a leading role for East Kent in developing the economic and social prosperity of the communities we serve


For ambitions in life and work to be achieved through outstanding education and skills


Our values are a shared set of ideals that guide the pursuit of our Mission and enable clear focus on our Vision.

We are committed to pursuing our Mission and Vision with utmost integrity: above all, we put students first and give priority to enabling each student to thrive in life and work. We are at our best when we are enabling each student to achieve their ambition – their vocation – and consequently the values of the EKC Group are distilled into a single word, CAREER:


Our Strategic Plan defines the strategic direction for EKC Group in the coming four years, with our priorities expressed as three Strategic Goals:

  • Strategic Goal 1
    To drive educational change with the communities we serve
  • Strategic Goal 2
    To provide exceptional learning opportunities
  • Strategic Goal 3
    To achieve outstanding outcomes for students and employers

The positive impact we seek to deliver through achievement of each Goal is further defined by supporting objectives and vision statements, which in turn are enabled by detailed strategic planning, with implementation monitored rigorously through College Performance Indicators.