Dover Technical College is part of the family of Colleges that comprise the EKC Group. We are a technical college focused on applied learning as a route to employment and higher study.  

We are in Dover to meet the ambitions of the people of Dover and, consequently, we provide a range of access points to these technical routes through highly relevant industry progression as well as adult programmes such as Access to Higher Education.

In addition to career-focused higher learning opportunities across the EKC Group, we also have two nearby universities that have courses closely linked to local employers, including science and technology, engineering, and IT.

Through these opportunities and partnerships, coupled with our commitment to encouraging Apprenticeships, we seek to enable our students to form a highly skilled workforce ready to progress to sustained employment with the employers of the Dover District and across East Kent.

We are outstanding at enabling students to continue their progression in learning at Dover Technical College and at the Colleges of the EKC Group.  

We seek to harness the power of digital technology to enhance the flexibility of access to learning for our students; encouraging lifelong learning as core to our cultural and civic identity as a learning community.

To shape the future development of Dover Technical College in ways that maximise the benefits of being part of the EKC Group, our Vision is aligned to the overarching Goals of the Group.