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Are you a school leaver, adult or employer? Be inspired and discover the possibilities we can offer.


A pathway is made up of courses that allow any student the opportunity to achieve their goals and ambitions.


With great training opportunities, amazing facilities and strong connections with employers, we offer you everything you need to progress into the job, further training or higher education.

College life offers a lot of fantastic opportunities and there is always something to do. To help you make the most of your time at Broadstairs College, we give you the chance to get involved in extra activities that enhance your learning.

Latest news from Broadstairs College

What to expect at our January Open Day

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Three students were picked anonymously to display their work in a top gallery

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A much-loved former staff member has been memorialised on campus

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College staff and students were very generous at a fundraiser for a former student with cancer

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If you’re currently in Year 11, you may have been told by your school to consider your post-16 options for after GCSEs. Here's what you need to know.

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We take a look at the benefits of being a Student Union Representative, as well as the activities and events that take place at our Student Centre.

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