Canterbury College - College Inspires Social Responsibility for Local Schoolchildren
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College Inspires Social Responsibility for Local Schoolchildren

Students have been putting the College at the heart of our local community this week by taking part in various activities that inspire social responsibility.

For two weeks of the academic year, departments take part in a Community Week, where they organise different activities in the local area on a voluntary basis.

For April 2019’s Community Week, the College collaborated with St Stephen’s Junior School to provide Easter-themed activities for their students, incorporating different skills that our students have learned on their courses.

St Stephen’s students from years 5 and 6 were able to take part in Easter-themed workshops, trampolining, drill practice, language workshops and fun science sessions. 

Other activities included visits to Wildwood for conservation activities and fundraising for the RSPCA.

This week, there has been a huge focus on the issue of single-use plastics. The Animal Care department has been working on a plastic project within the College, and Public Services students have been taking part in beach cleans across Whitstable and Tankerton. 

Throughout this Community Week, our students embraced leadership opportunities and helped to create a welcoming community that inspires social responsibility.

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