Canterbury College - Working with Gok Wan - Riana's Alumni Story
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Working with Gok Wan - Riana's Alumni Story

We love celebrating the success our students have after their time at Canterbury College. Today, we catch up with recent alumni Riana and find out what her first steps into the working world were like, highlighting your potential career prospects after college.

What did you study?

I studied at Canterbury College back in 2016, studying a Level 3 Business and Creative Marketing Diploma, which I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone wanting to venture into the Marketing, Fashion, or Business industry. When I was at college, I had no idea what I wanted to do, and this course helped me to find my career path in marketing.

Why did you choose College?

I joined the college instead of furthering my studies at sixth form as my college course was strictly coursework based and I felt the college and the tutors were more student-focused and supportive. The fact that the course was 100% coursework based really appealed to me and really pushed me to the best of my ability.

What happened next?

I now study Buying and Merchandising for Fashion at university in London.

How did you become Gok Wan's Social Media Manager?

I first became Gok’s social media manager on his One Size Fits All UK Tour because I was contacted by his Managing Director as she and I happened to have mutual contacts. I then met with his managing director for coffee for a meeting about the position. Later that evening I received a phone call from Gok himself offering me the job and welcoming me to the team, the next day I went to his house for lunch, we got on like a house on fire and the rest is history! I have been working with him for 2 years now and have the pleasure of not only being able to call Gok Wan my boss but now a friend.

What is your favourite thing about working on a Social Media team?

My favourite thing about the job is that no day is the same and there is always something exciting happening. I love that I get to travel across the UK as well as meet and network with new people from so many different sectors and backgrounds. The fact that I’m the only member in his small team that has the responsibility to deal with all aspects of his social media, means I get to be my own boss in terms of having to time manage my role accordingly in order to meet multiple deadlines in my fast-paced role.

How do you feel your college experience helped prepare you for your current role, at work, and at University?

My college experience helped me prepare for my current role as well as with my degree by building up my confidence and supplying me with so many transferable skills that I now use in my everyday life. I gained extensive communication skills and professional attributes from my time at the college.

What did you like most at College?

My favourite thing about my time at college was my tutors and the staff as they made my experience what it was. My tutors supported me immensely, academically, and emotionally. Even after my time at college had finished, I have maintained a relationship with some of my tutors and staff at the college.

What's next for your future?

In the future, I would still like to be in a social media managerial role, where I can travel across Europe and the rest of the world as well as venture out into the world of bridal fashion and become a buyer for bridal couture fashion and possibly even move to the USA!

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