Canterbury College - What do our Music Alumni students think about studying at College?
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What do our Music Alumni students think about studying at College?

We caught up with some of our Alumni students who studied on our Music courses, and found out about their experience of studying at Canterbury College and how they are getting on now.

Henry Gabbott  - Level 3 Music Performance and Production

"The two years I spent studying the Music Performance and Production course at Canterbury College were probably the most enjoyable and informative of my whole education. 

The lecturers are passionate about what they are teaching and this made for a really supportive group of like-minded people. 

The course modules were always interesting and encouraged students to be inquisitive and experiment in a nurturing environment. 

Being a creative and performance lead course, there were also a lot of opportunities to work in conjunction with other departments or outside in the community at workshops and gigs.

You’re given a lot of independence at College. This really drove me to discover what excites and motivates me, helping me to develop real world skills, such as working creatively in a group scenario. 

Studying on the Music pathway at Canterbury College course provided me with a fantastic music education and I owe a lot of the opportunities I've had since to the guidance and skill of the department and lecturers. "


Haydn Brooks - Level 3 Music Performance and Production

"I studied at Canterbury College from 2020 to 2022. When I applied for the music course, I had only been playing music for around four months, so I was a little nervous about starting. 

It turned out, I had nothing to worry about and I thank the tutors in the Music department for all their support and guidance. 

I really enjoyed my course. In particular, the lessons where we analysed songs were brilliant, I loved discussing different parts of the song, including the theory, how it relates to culture and what we could learn from it and apply to our own music production.

During the course, we listened to many different genres of music, which led to me listening to a wider variety of music styles, and it really helped me improve as a musician and allowed me to consider different ways to convey an idea.

This helped me when I created my album as part of my Final Major Project at College. 

I've just started university and I'm very hopeful for the three years ahead of earning my degree."


Lucy Ward - Level 3 Music Performance and Production

"I am a former student at Canterbury College, and studied on the Music Performance and Production course between 2019 to 2021. I studied vocals and piano and my experience at College has shaped who I am as a musician today.  

Prior to starting College, I was inexperienced in performance and had no understanding of production, and despite taking music at GCSE level, had never really been in a space with people with a passion for music, like myself. This all changed in the time I spent studying at Canterbury College. 

On my first day of College, it was refreshing to see that when I walked in, there were students from all walks of life. 

When you’re constantly playing with people of different musical backgrounds and interests, it helps you to naturally develop a more varied taste when you’re introduced and playing what other people listen to.

I learnt a lot about collaboration - as school had only really allowed me a limited experience of what it was to connect with other musicians, so being in a setting such as a band or vocal group was something new to me. 

I also learnt so much about harmony from singing with other people in my vocal classes and exterior activities such as choir, which has also helped me hugely in composition and on the piano. 

My performance skills have also massively improved from my time at College. Assessments for show cases allowed me the opportunity to work on myself both as a solo artist but also in a band.

I have met so many amazing people, I still speak to most of them to this day!

After competing my course, I have been working away at festivals such as Glastonbury and Leeds Festival and I am now working on transitioning from being the security staff to being one of the event staff, which has all provided to be excellent industry experience working around many different artists.

Additionally, I am starting a jazz and soul focused band with the hopes in one day becoming a touring artist at events such as the festivals I have been so lucky to work at."

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