Canterbury College - Visual Arts Lecturer Recognised by AOC as a Favourite
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Visual Arts Lecturer Recognised by AOC as a Favourite

Luke Godfrey, Visual Arts Programme Director, has been featured in Association of Colleges (AOC’s) ‘My Favourite Lecturer’ series, as voted for by students.

Despite feeling directionless at school, Luke’s ceramics career began when he started studying Graphic Design at College, where he was introduced to ceramics as part of his course. Taking inspiration from his ceramics teacher, Luke found a passion for working with clay and he went on to study ceramics and glass at Bucks New University. During his time there he took part in a student placement at Wedgwood, where he learned how to make his mark on the industry.

“I really got the bug during a week-long teaching workshop” Luke told AOC, “I was keen to give people like me a chance to shine; I wanted to give something back to get ceramics back into fashion.”

Luke started teaching A Level art at a secondary school and then joined Canterbury College as a lecturer in 2018, where he inspires students to this day. He said, “When starting ceramics, students may look blankly at a lump of clay and yet by the end of the session they’ll have made a pot and think ‘This is something I’ve made!’. You can see the pride in their faces. That’s what helps spur me on to work each day.”

Harvey Russell, first-year Level 3 Visual Arts student praised Luke, saying: “Luke inspires us when he talks about his own work in ceramics. He’s always pushing me to do my best and sat down with me to pick up the pieces when I fell behind on one project. Luke does that with anyone who needs help; and he’s always checking on us online to ensure we’re ok during lockdown. “

“He likes a bit of banter but can be serious as well, so he creates a healthy balance. He brings the class together and makes it feel more like fun than work. His explanations on the course are always clear so no one gets stressed out. I’d planned to become an architect but after attending Luke’s classes, I see my future in ceramics at HE level.”

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