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Top Jobs in the Landscaping and Horticulture Industry

Landscape Jobs


1. Greenhouse Worker

Greenhouse workers tend to plants within a greenhouse facility. These types of employees may work in commercial, industrial, retail or residential greenhouses. Common duties include watering, trimming and moving plants as needed to encourage growth. Retail greenhouse employees may offer advice to customers about the best plants for their property, and care and treatment for plants they purchase.

2. Hardware Associate

A hardware Associate is often a retail employee at a hardware store. Landscapers often purchase supplies such as tools, plants, soil and mulch from hardware stores and associates can help find and load materials.

Customers without landscaping experience may also ask an Associate to help them understand what they need for a do-it-yourself project and how to use the items they purchase in their landscaping project.

3. Lawn Care Specialist

 A Lawn Care Specialist provides general maintenance for a lawn. Often, lawn care specialists work as contractors, with home or other property owners hiring the specialist to maintain the land. Lawn Care Specialists often generalise, offering a variety of lawn care tasks, such as mowing, edging, planting and irrigating.

4. Landscape Labourer

A Landscape Labourer is a member of a landscaping team who completes manual tasks on a landscaping job. Often a Landscape Labourer works on a team with other employees, including other laborers, specialists or crew managers.

The labourer completes basic landscaping tasks, often under the orders or supervision of a more senior member of the landscaping team. Landscape Laborers on larger teams may prioritise specific elements of a landscaping project, while smaller teams are more likely to work on various tasks.

5. Mason

A Mason works with stones and similar materials, such as bricks and concrete, to create structures. Masons may collaborate on a landscaping project, installing hardscape sections of a landscaping design.

A Mason may work with a landscape architect during the planning of a project, offering their expertise to the design and placement of any masonry included in the plans.

Horticulture Jobs 


1. Horticulture Consultant

A Horticulture Consultant provides a number of useful services to businesses and organisations. There are a number of specialties, from offering advice to farmers on efficient crop choices to providing advice to a golf course on grass maintenance. 

You will need to understand how to present solid business advice and be prepared to travel. It will be necessary to combine your knowledge of plants and soil with the methods to care for them and maintain them correctly.

2. Landscape Designer

As a Landscape Designer, you will be combining plants with hardscapes to create a space that fulfils a client’s aesthetic needs. Many clients will only have a vague idea of what they need and it’s your job to help them to reach their goal. 

The landscape needs to have the correct soil to support the plants and a care plan to support them in the medium to long term. This is a very rewarding career for anyone that wants to create liveable spaces where people can interact with flora.

3. Writer

Writing in the horticultural niche is an interesting way to make a living. This is a role for a writer with extensive knowledge of horticultural topics and work can be found writing for Gardening blogs, Farming magazines, TV and radio shows and social media platforms. 

If you have a love for horticulture and you want to share your opinions with others this is an ideal career. When writing for the web a good command of HTML and CSS would be helpful. This is because many clients will want you to submit and format the work directly onto their website.

4. Plant Pathologist

A Plant Pathologist conducts experiments on various plant matter to discover the characteristics of plant related diseases. This is an interesting job for people with a scientific background and an interest in deep research.

You may travel to a location where a certain plant disease is occurring. This role would include collect samples, examine the soil conditions, and interact with other team members. This would also involve the development of new plant types that are more resistant to disease.

This is a very fulfilling role and extremely important when you consider the importance of stable food production.

A Plant Pathologist is among the highest paying horticulture jobs.

5. Horticultural Inspector

A Horticultural Inspector has an important role to play in the food industry. They help to maintain a high level of produce yields with a consistent level of quality by assessing various fruit and vegetable crops.

This information is crucial for governmental and private bodies that have a vested interest in nutritious and efficient crop yields. In order to meet quality standards, the Horticultural Inspector will make recommendations on how to improve the processes. 

If you want to work in this role you will need a good understanding of both horticulture and food industry practices.

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