Canterbury College - Things to do in Canterbury This Summer
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Things to do in Canterbury This Summer

If you’re lacking a bit of inspiration for things to do during your summer break, why not take a look at our summer checklist of things to do in and around Canterbury.


Take advantage of having the very modern Marlowe Theatre on your doorstep. Choose between comedy shows, big musicals and fun-loving family shows. Search for cheaper tickets by selecting afternoon shows and make the most of being able to be flexible with your time.



Whitefriars Shopping Centre is always a great choice to snap up some bargains in the summer. Lots of shops will have summer sales and you will be able to go during the week when it is less busy, which means more space to browse and find the best deals! Take advantage of your student discounts throughout the city to save you even more money when buying stationery and supplies.



Canterbury is a very short distance from some of the best beaches in Kent.

Whitstable is thriving in the summer with its busy pebble beach and independent shops. If you head down between 27 and 29 July, you will get to experience its famous Oyster Festival, which promises to be a great day with live music and activities.

Alternatively, catch the bus to Herne Bay for a traditional day by the sea, explore the Pier and try your luck in the amusement arcades.


Stay Active

On top of the many sports and fitness activities you can take part in around the city, why not take a walk with your friends? This is a great way to keep fit and healthy over the summer, whilst enjoying an inexpensive day out in the sun.

The Crab and Winkle Way is a seven mile stretch from Canterbury that meanders along the river and ends up in Whitstable. If you have a bike this is a great route to take, with the reward of the beach at the end.

Alternatively, walk along the Great Stour Way towards Chartham. Pack some food and treats for a picnic in the village and head back to the city with some great views of the Cathedral in the distance.


Use your time wisely

Unfortunately, summer doesn’t last forever! Have you thought about your next steps? Whether it’s applying for jobs, looking for apprenticeships or returning to education – use your time to start thinking about where you would like to be in September.