Canterbury College - Students' Union first Drag Show a Huge Success
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Students' Union first Drag Show a Huge Success

This week, we had the honour of hosting the College’s first ever onsite Drag Show, promoting the art form alongside inclusivity.

The Students’ Union collaborated with departments across the College and invited Kent drag performers to host a Valentine’s Drag Show.

The Drag Kings and Queens

Professional drag kings and queens from across Kent performed at the College as part of the show.

From event creation, promotion and stage set-up, students had the opportunity to show off their skills and specialise in their area of interest for the event.

Dover Drag Queen, Emma Panda

Chloe Smith, Students’ Union President even performed herself, as Angel Delight and she lip-synced her way through Madonna’s ‘Vogue’.

L - Chery Shots (Kane Judge)  R - Angel Delight (Chloe Smith)

She said, “I loved performing in front of the students and being able to meet the other performers. It would be a great thing to continue doing in the future as the students were excited and engaged in the event. It helped bring out people’s confidence and was all-round a fun time for everyone involved.

It is very important to bring things like drag events into College, not just for our LGBTQ+ students, but also for others who haven’t experienced it before or were not fans.

They may have had a change of heart today and are now more open to the idea of drag. It’s always great to celebrate our differences and have a more open-minded outlook and be more welcoming of others.”

Julian King (Niamh Lynn Devere)

Many students were inspired to come forward with their own drag acts, and they were able to perform alongside the industry professionals.

Many had not performed in public before, so were able to showcase their talents and get some tips from the queens and kings.

Cheryl Shots (Kane Judge)

Holly Stokes-Geddes, Student Experience Officer, said: “I think it’s so important that our students know that Canterbury College is a place where they can be confident and be themselves.

It is vital that we can show outwardly and loudly that we support all students, and we are inclusive of all genders and sexualities. Hopefully this event has helped promote this, and we can’t wait to see how we can make the next time even bigger and even better!”.

Student Experience Officers
L - Holly R - Rosie

You can see more of the Drag Show in our video here:


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