Canterbury College - Students' Union Celebrate Pride at Home
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Students' Union Celebrate Pride at Home

College is all about embracing your individuality, which is why we were saddened to learn that Pride Canterbury could not go ahead this year. However, the Students’ Union have come up with an innovative way for our students to celebrate Pride online this week.

Canterbury College Students’ Union would usually attend Pride Canterbury in June, take part in the city parade and run a community stall in the Dane John Gardens for the rest of the day. However, this year, from Monday 15 June, members of the SU have been celebrating Pride from home, via their social media channels. 

SU President, Andrew Morris, said: “Pride is about celebrating difference, whilst remembering to treat each other equally. Being able to celebrate pride at home has been an important part of celebrating who we are.”

The theme for this year’s virtual Pride is “What Pride Means to Us”. The focus has been put on how individuals celebrate Pride and how it can encourage their own individuality.

Pride 2019

The SU have organised a mixture of different activities that students can enjoy, including sharing Spotify Pride playlists and film and book recommendations on their blog. 

Student Experience Team Leader, Josh Turner said: “Whilst Pride is a very fun event, it’s also important that we are able to educate ourselves on the history of the oppression faced by the LGBTQ+ community and how the movements that they lead to bring us closer to equality today.”

Students have been able to access some very valuable resources throughout the week, such as information about the very first Pride and how it came to be. They have also been encouraged to investigate different support charities that do some fantastic work in the community.

If you would like to find out more about Pride, and how to get involved, take a look here.