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Student Success in Maths GCSEs

Maths students have been working hard over the last few terms to prepare for their GCSE exams. We are pleased to share some of our students' success stories and what it means for their progression and future opportunities.

Tegan Weaving

Level 3 Animal Management student, Tegan, achieved a Grade 4 in her GCSE Maths exam which will support her in more areas of her course, including calculating animal feeds using her numeracy skills. 

She said: "This was my 4th attempt at the exam and I am so happy that my hard work has paid off. I managed to get 30 more points than my last attempt so I'm pretty pleased about that. 

I wouldn't have been able to do it without the brilliant support of my tutors, especially my Transition Tutor, Alan. He gave me weekly 1:1 sessions, where we went through the different parts of the exam and revised using practice questions. He has such a great teaching style."

Tegan is a big lover of animals and works part-time on a farm. She is planning to go straight into the workplace or get an apprenticeship in the farming industry after College. 

Congratulations to Tegan for the fantastic result and your great show of resilience and hard work towards your exams! 


Zedonte Span 

Zedonte studies Level 3 Computing and successfully gained his GCSE Maths, achieving a Grade 4. After moving to the UK from the Caribbean, Zedonte was required to gain the qualification to enable him to progress after College.

"I am so happy to have passed my exam as this opens up a lot more opportunities for me. I am going to be applying to study Computing at university once I complete my course, and without the Maths GCSE I wouldn't be able to do this."

Well done to Zedonte on your success and working towards your future goals!

Alfie Keefe 

Level 3 Business student, Alfie, passed his Maths GCSE after his first resit of the exams. After working hard over the last two terms, he achieved a Grade 5. 

He said: "When I found out my exam result, I was so happy, especially as I achieved a Grade 5. I study Business, so my numeracy skills will help me on my course when learning about cash flows in the accounting and finance modules."

Alfie aspires to start up his own business and be an entrepreneur in the future.

"I am also starting to think about going to university to study a degree in Business Management after College, and I need this qualification to be successful in my applications. 

I was given a lot of support from College to help me pass my exam. My Transition Tutor was so helpful and taught me a new way to approach the questions which definitely made me feel more prepared and confident going into the exams."

Well done Alfie on your great achievement and we can't wait to see what you do next. 

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