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From Spring Lane to the Fast Lane

Today we’re getting a glimpse of what life is like for students at our Spring Lane campus. Millie recently received fantastic grades in her Level 3 Animal Management course and is currently training to become a professional Jockey with the British Racing School. Read on to find out more about her student experience.

Why did you choose to study at Spring Lane?

I chose to study Animal Management at Spring Lane because it was similar to my career aspirations. I want to be a professional flat racing jockey which I am currently doing my training for, but I'd also enjoy being a zookeeper - either way I want to work with animals and this course was great for that. College heavily benefited me in both the equine and animal industry.

What was your favourite thing about your course?

The thing I enjoyed most about studying my course at college was learning about the different biological systems in different species because I found it interesting to learn how their bodies function compared to the humans systems, this allows us to recognise possible issues within their systems and understand how they work if there was to be an issue. I also enjoyed learning about animal ecology, learning about their different ecosystems, niches and habitats worldwide, this gave me a greater insight to wildlife over the world recognising different adaptations and to see how species have evolved to adapt to their environments. The course offered many different lessons which covered all jobs in the animal industry which catered for those wanting to go into veterinary jobs, conservation, wildlife, or zoo keeping. Even though they were different subjects, all lessons crossed over with each other giving us relevant information.

What was your favourite memory from College?

My favourite memory of College is our overnight trip where we went to Marwell Zoo, where we were given a tour and were able to explore the zoo independently, this allowed us to make more memories with our friends while also being educated about the industry. For those that want to work in Zoos, this also gave a greater insight for those wanting to work in zoos to see which section they specifically wanted to work in, for example, primates or carnivores. We also spoke to Keepers and they explained to us what jobs would be completed on a normal day.

What’s next?

I recently moved to Newmarket to complete a 14-week course in Racehorse Care at The British Racing School, where I began my training to be a jockey. On this course I start work at 6am and finish at 5pm, after this we have compulsory lectures, fitness and jobs in the evening. After this course I will start an 18-month training program where I will then be able to apply for my jockey licence and begin working hard to achieve my goal of being a professional flat racing jockey.