Canterbury College - Social Action at Wildwood Trust
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Social Action at Wildwood Trust

We encourage our students to get involved in meaningful social action and volunteering opportunities to help make a difference in our local area.

Some of our Level 2 Carpentry students have been busy recently, as they took part in social action activities by volunteering at a local organisation, the Wildwood Trust near Canterbury.

The students worked hard to help clear overgrown foliage and vegetation, as part of their community payback.

The conservation park is expecting new animals in the upcoming months and students helped to prepare for this by clearing pine needles from a large enclosure.

They dug out a ditch to allow water to flow through more easily and others got stuck into some fence painting.

Their teamwork and communication skills were put to the test, as students worked in teams outside to prepare the land for another new animal enclosure that will also be used to house some more species soon at Wildwood Trust.

Emma Longman, Industry Liaison Officer for Built Environment, said: “The students worked really hard and got stuck into helping clear out the animal enclosure, clearing pine needles and digging out the ditch. They found it a really rewarding experience knowing the area will be used to house more animals in the future.”

Why is Social Action so important?

We believe that working with the local community aids our students in building confidence, improving their social skills and increasing their ability to interact with new people. 

Social Action brings our students together and encourages teamwork and communication, skills that can be used throughout education and into employment.

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