Canterbury College - The River Stour Art & Design Project
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The River Stour Art & Design Project

As part of their course, Art & Design ceramics students have been working on their 'Human Impact - The River Stour' project for Canterbury City Council, in partnership with the Friends of Westgate Parks.

Students had the fantastic opportunity to gain industry experience by working with local clients and employers on the project.

The project aims to raise awareness of the impact humans have on the world around us and how, as artists, the students can play a part in making a positive impact. One of the main components of the project, was that the students' designs needed to have a positive impact on the local environment and ecology. 

The project is based around The River Stour in Canterbury. Students were encouraged to think about the area, considering the multiple purposes of the site and appeal to an all-inclusive audience. 

They took inspiration from a range of sources to produce their designs, including the native species of plants, insects, birds and animals that inhabit the site, leisure activities that the local community enjoy, urbanisation and history.​ 

Students were also tasked with making their sculpture both childproof and waterproof, and preferably made from natural materials, such as wood, clay and living elements. 

The students presented their designs to the clients to be involved in a Community Sculpture, to engage and inform the public about protection of the environment and how to make a positive impact on the local ecology. 

The winning student design will be produced and placed at Toddlers Cove, on the banks of the River Stour, for the local community to enjoy. 

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