Canterbury College - Reelworld Radio Academy Recognition for Media Student
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Reelworld Radio Academy Recognition for Media Student

Jordan Foad, Level 2 Creative Media Production student, has been recognised as a winner of the Reelworld Radio Academy 30 under 30 competition, for his outstanding services to radio as the station manager of Whitstable Bay Radio.

The Radio Academy is a registered charity dedicated to the development, promotion and recognition of excellence in UK radio and audio and recognise young professionals each year, with their 30 under 30 competition.

Jordan, who has been working in radio since the age of 13, was named as a winner last week, alongside some big names in the industry, including various producers for the BBC.

“I’ve always loved music, which was the main reason I wanted to work in radio. I do DJing now, too. This started as working at some children’s parties, but now I do a wider range of events within the community. Getting the opportunity to work with radio has made me realise this is the career that I want to pursue.”

He said: “My radio career started with Cabin FM, Herne Bay’s community radio station and I’ve been training ever since with Radio Faversham. After training and getting experience as a presenter, I realised that Whitstable did not have a community radio station. I thought I would get started with setting it up and progress on to getting a license. When I did this, I could start promoting the station and managed to promote the opportunity to members of the public who’d like to get involved.”

The Whitstable Bay Radio station work closely with the local community and have been involved in many events in the area. Jordan works with all aspects of the station, including producing, presenting and marketing.

In September, Jordan enrolled in a media pathway at Canterbury College, knowing that the course would equip him with the skills he needed to enrich his career.

As part of the course, Jordan can explore different types of creative media production, including video-making techniques, audio-making techniques, print and digital skills, and photography.

“It’s really broadened my horizons, as we work on all sorts of different projects. I’ve been working on a photography task recently, which is something I’ve never done before. I realised it was something I enjoyed, so it’s great to be able to add that as a skill that would help with promoting what I can do.”

Anthony Gay, Managing Director of Reelworld Productions & Co said: "The people on 2020’s 30 Under 30 list will be shaping a future for sound that now goes far beyond traditional radio with on demand, data driven and interactive experiences becoming the norm.”

When Jordan found out he was the recipient of the award, he was overjoyed. He said: “I’m stunned to be winning this so early in my career, especially when many of the other nominees come from big names in the music and entertainment industry. It’s great to have this award as it will give my future employers clarification that the work I have done is professionally recognised. It’s fantastic to be able to have this on my CV, alongside the industry experience that I have.”

Congratulations to Jordan and the Whitstable Bay Radio station on this fantastic achievement.