Canterbury College - Pioneering for Change with Ecology and Sustainability Project
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Pioneering for Change with Ecology and Sustainability Project

Canterbury School of Visual Arts (CSVA) at Canterbury College students are currently undertaking an ‘Ecology and Sustainability’ project as part of their diploma, intended to get learners thinking about the differences they can make in their own lives to help halt climate change.

Programme Director Luke Godfrey said: “The Ecology and Sustainability project all started because I watched the David Attenborough documentary on Netflix. I felt it was our duty to get our learners thinking about these issues.”

Inspired by artists such as Steve McPherson, who creates artwork from plastic found on Margate beach, and Olafur Eliasson, an artist who installed ‘Ice Watch’ outside the Tate Modern, where visitors can experience glacial ice melt in real-time.

Students responded to these artists’ work by experimenting with different materials to create their own pieces. Some used ice cubes filled with natural food colourings such as beetroot juice to create naturally formed textures.

As part of the project, our aspiring artists are also exploring Protest Art. They have been using collage and photo merging techniques to create pieces that are intended to encourage an audience to stop and think about the important issues that the work represents.

Alongside developing their technical skills, this project is fantastic as it is allowing students to be part of a bigger conversation regarding climate change and the way that we can campaign through art to raise awareness of the issues faced.

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