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Meet your Women's Officer

This week we caught up with Megan Coe, the elected Women’s Officer in Canterbury College Students’ Union (SU) and spoke to her about some of the opportunities that College has given her.

Megan is currently studying an Access to Humanities Diploma, which will give her the opportunity to progress on to university next year.

Alongside her course, Megan uses her position in the SU to promote issues that she is passionate about changing. This will give her the opportunity to work on discrimination policies and organise inclusive events. She is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for everyone, whatever their gender and creating a welcoming environment where everyone is listened to.

Read on to find out more about Megan.


Firstly, what inspired you to study at Canterbury College?

After researching the different places that would offer an Access course, Canterbury College stood out the most to me. It offered a great range of subjects for me to choose from. I had heard that the pastoral care team were very supportive, according to friends of mine that were previous students. This was very important to me.

What encouraged you to run for the Women’s Officer role at the Students’ Union?

Women’s rights are something that I am very passionate about, and I wanted to work with College to continue making it an environment where self-identifying young women can feel confident and able to be themselves.

What plans do you have in your role this year?

I am working with the other SU members and College staff to organise workshops that will deal with the issues of sexual harassment, domestic violence, and consent. I also am looking to organise events for International Women’s Month, with inspirational speakers to come in and speak to students.

What opportunities has this role opened for you?

Being the Women’s Officer will give me the opportunity to learn more about issues faced by young women at College, alongside organising events and allowing me to meet new and exciting people.

This year I have already worked with the SU Welfare Officer and the Construction department to begin organising talks in local schools to encourage more girls to consider studying Construction at College. I have also arranged a meeting with the head of safeguarding to discuss the sexual harassment policy at College.

What are your plans after Canterbury College?

I hope to go to university next year to study Sociology and Politics. Whichever university I go to, I hope to be a part of their SU too.

I think that my work with the SU will help me gain confidence in myself and prepare me for life after College.


If you would like to find out more about how Canterbury College Students' Union can open up opportunities for you, why not visit our upcoming Open Day.