Canterbury College - Meet Chloe Smith - Your New SU President
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Meet Chloe Smith - Your New SU President

As the new academic year draws closer, we caught up with the new Canterbury College Students' Union President, Chloe Smith.

What do you study at College?

In September, I will be starting my second year of my Level 3 Animal Management course. The course is very fun and I enjoy it a lot.

How will you spend your year as the SU President?

I want to spend the year making College a more inclusive space for all students, alongside hosting fun and exciting events. I aim to create interactive workshops that can educate the student body on important social issues, and help us be more accepting of ourselves and welcoming to others.

What made you want to apply?

I really wanted to make a difference within the College community. I know that for a lot of students, throughout their school experience, they may have felt different, or as though they didn't fit in. I wanted help students celebrate their differences. Coming to College really helped me gain confidence in myself and I want others to have that same experience here too.

How will you use the skills you have learned on your course in this role?

As an Animal Management student, you are required to think quickly and work well in a team. We are constantly communicating with each other to ensure that our animals are kept safe. The cruicial teamwork and communication skills that I have learned are the skills that I believe are going to be most important as the SU President. 

Finally, what do you love most about being a student at Canterbury College?

I love how there's a big sense of individuality, but also togetherness within the College. It has a very relaxed atmosphere, which creates a great learning environment. Alongside that, Canterbury is such a great place to study and a city of great style.