Canterbury College - Media Student Wins Bit Crush 2021 Mascot Competition
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Media Student Wins Bit Crush 2021 Mascot Competition

Staff and students from our Music, Media and Performing Arts department are busy organising for the upcoming Bit Crush event, a Charity games and digital festival.

The Bit Crush Festival is held annually at Canterbury College and has been running for 10 years.

This year the festival is taking place over three days, from 23-25 November.

The event is a collaboration with Demelza Hospice for Children and all money raised from the festival is donated to the charities’ house in Sittingbourne, to help support their vital work.

In preparation for this year’s Bit Crush festival, media students were invited to take part in the Bit Crush Mascot Competition. The participants were tasked with developing and creating a character to be used as a mascot to promote the event.

Staff from various departments and industry professionals were asked to score each entry from a judging criteria, based on appeal, uniqueness, inclusivity, versatility and quality.

Media student, Marcus Nobs won 1st place in the competition with his character ‘Spritely’, a computer program that’s “incredibly optimistic and enthusiastic about video games. Their body is designed to represent video game controllers, while also being constructed of simple shapes that are easy on the eyes”.

He said: “I'm ecstatic and honoured to be chosen as the winner of the Mascot Design Competition. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, I've been able to learn a lot about concept design and it's enabled me to develop a new style. I'm really looking forward to the Bit Crush event and raising funds for Demelza. The media department has been working really hard in preparation for this. We look forward to seeing you all there!”.

Aaliyah Medina-Sodey took 2nd place with her design of two characters; ‘Bitza’ and “soft moon rock that is a ball of wonder and optimism” and Aster, “a timid but curious star”.

Joseph Gore came 3rd place in the design competition, with his “overly hyperactive robot” named ‘Bitz’.

Left - 'Spritely', Center - 'Bitza and Aster', Right - 'Bitz'

Media tutor, Adam Modley, said: “All of the students nominated worked really hard on their designs and were elated to hear the verdict and receive their prizes. We're now looking forward to seeing the winning mascot around College for the lead up to Bit Crush”.

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