Canterbury College - Luca Fasulo Elected as 23/24 Students' Union President
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Luca Fasulo Elected as 23/24 Students' Union President

In a landmark victory, Art & Design student Luca Fasulo has secured the coveted position of Canterbury College Students' Union president for the upcoming academic year. Luca's passion for creativity and commitment to enhancing the student experience have resonated with the college community, marking an exciting chapter of inclusive leadership and artistic innovation. Read more about Luca below.

Hello Luca and congratulations. How do you plan to spend your year as Canterbury’s SU President?

Some of my goals this year include to increase SU engagement across all departments to keep students more informed on the city around them, to raise awareness of hidden disabilities, to provide a clear and simple way to contact the Student Union, and increase accessibility to free sanitary products. I also plan to run many of the same fun trips we've had so far, and to include new ones that have been voted for by students. I also want to continue initiatives such as Positivity Wednesday, Culture Week and Pride Month.

What inspired you to run for the role of President?

I wanted to run for SU President as I have found myself increasingly involved over the past year with the Student Union with my roles as Course Rep and Student Ambassador and I've seen the change that both the SU has affected and the change that I've managed to affect through these roles. It has made me want to take a more direct part in this. I have lots of ideas for change, lots of ideas to continue and many events that I would love to run and so I saw the SU President role as a chance to make these things happen and I'm extremely grateful that the students have voted me in to allow me to do this.

What is your favourite thing about studying at Canterbury College?

My favourite thing about being a student at college is definitely the number of people that I have met and interacted with from all over Kent, and from across the course spectrum. I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn about all different people, who they are, and where they're from, giving me a large breadth of understanding of our student body. On a personal note, I feel that this has made me a more rounded person myself. Through being a Student Ambassador here, I've not only interacted with students, but all different types of parents, guardians and others who have further widen my eyes to this county that we live in. So I would definitely say that my favourite part of being a student here has been meeting new people.

What skills have you learned on your course that will help you in your role? 

Throughout my time studying Graphic Design here, I have gained a number of skills that will be helpful in my role as SU President. Creating designs can be a long task with many variations required, a fact that has taught me to be resilient in everything that I do. Learning how to create Graphics has also allowed me to learn the intricacies of how to advertise and interest people in what I would like them to see, which will aid me greatly in increasing SU visibility. Finally, throughout my time studying Graphic Design, I have taken part in exhibitions interacting with the public which has allowed me to gain an understanding of how to interest and interact with the public.

What advice would you give to any student wanting to get involved with the Students' Union?

To anyone thinking of getting involved with the SU, running for one of the officer positions, taking part in events or trips, or just helping out, I 100% recommend you do. Try it, give it a go and see how fun it can be. We have so many opportunities throughout the year for you to get involved, so keep a look out at our website, social media channels and outside the SU to see what we're up to. I look forward to seeing you all.

Finally, what would you like to do after you finish studying with us?

After College, I plan to continue forwards studying Graphic Design or one of its many specialisms, moving away from Canterbury and progressing on to an Art and Design University to perfect my creative craft. Who knows, I might even run for SU President there?

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